Amada Horizontal Scissor Saw HFA250W

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Adding to the success of the HA250, the Amada HFA250 model is a sister saw with a fully programmable PLC to automate length setting and allow for material use optimization and worry free material counts and switchovers. Rigid and proven. Amada's HFA250W automatic scissor style bandsaw is an industry standard for all applications from solid bar stock to structural metals require pinpoint repeatability and accuracy of cut length. THe self diagnosing PLC and NC backgauge make the Amada HFA series saw a must see. 


  • 5hp Blade drive
  • 1.25" Blade
  • Floating index vise 
  • Variable blade speed drive
  • Split front vise
  • Short remnant shuttle
  • 89-295 ft/min blade speed, stepless
  • 10" Cutting capacity
  • 3,307lb load capacity
  • Hydraulic blade tension
  • Automatic height selection via quick approach feeler
  • Hydraulically adjustable feed rate and force controls
  • Full stroke vises
  • 11'6" x 1.25" Blade
  • Chip conveyor
  • 15.75" Shuttle stroke
  • 2.24" remnant length
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