Amada Horizontal Scissor Saw HFA400W

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The Amada HFA400W saw is a rigid large capacity automatic bandsaw for cutting of all types of metal. Higher horsepower, and larger blade with many features mirroring the smaller HFA250W - including the NC controlled shuttle style bar feed system - the Amada HFA400W has enough head weight to saw specialty alloys and enough controllability to also cut soft nonferrous materials - and everything in between. 


  • 7.5hp Blade drive
  • 1.5" Blade
  • Floating index vise 
  • NC Programmable Back Gauge 
  • Variable blade speed drive
  • Short remnant shuttle
  • Self diagnostics
  • 56-295 ft/min blade speed, stepless
  • 16.54" Cutting capacity
  • 5,511lb load capacity
  • Hydraulic blade tension
  • Automatic height selection via quick approach feeler
  • Hydraulically adjustable feed rate and force controls
  • Full stroke vises
  • 15' x 1.5" Blade
  • Chip conveyor
  • 19.6" Shuttle stroke
  • 3" remnant length
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