Amada Structural Bundle Saw HKB6050CNC

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For cutting full bundles of material, look no further than the Amada HKB6050CNC. This rugged and powerful CNC operated horizontal bandsaw has a 7.5hp blade motor driving the 2" blade through full bundles at top speed. The full capacity bundle vises hold the material in all directions to reduce vibration and increase blade life. When the bundle reached completion, the front "pulling" vise will take the word "remnant" out of the operators vocabulary by placing the rear of the bundle in a position where the saw can still cut it and create minimal drops. Some other features of this saw are: 

  • High speed accurate cutting
  • Optional MQL (spray mist) lubrication
  • Built for profiles, structurals, or solids
  • Dual shuttle system, front and rear
  • 78" Rear index stroke
  • 12" Front index stroke
  • 2" Blade, 7.5hp drive
  • Fully functional CNC control with self diagnosis
  • Electronically controlled feed and speeds


  • 1"x1" - 24"x20" cutting capacity
  • Canted dual column design for fast cutting rates
  • 9,923lb load capacity
  • 19'4" x 2" blade
  • Top limit via automatic quick approach feeler
  • Full stroking vises
  • 78.7" rear index
  • .6" Remnant
  • 15,215lbs
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